Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You're Four!

So big in some ways.  So little in others.  Being four means that you are able to express your thoughts so much better now.  You are starting to ask questions like never before--questions like, "Why is Jesus God?"

Until today, for about the past four months, your daily question was "Is TODAY my birthday?!?"  I'd say that no, it wasn't, but that you only had x-number of months or weeks or days to wait.  The day finally came!  You were so pleased.

You woke to find a blue, helium-filled balloon tied to your chair.  You got to pick your lunch (ham, cheese, mayo and liverwurst--on a bun), and your dinner (rigatoni).  Thanks to your big sister Holly, Team Umi-Zoomi greeted you from the top of your cake.

At four, your version of the ABC-song is terribly cute, but not entirely accurate.  You can spell and write your name, and the names of your siblings (with a little help).  Suddenly, you desperately want to go to (home) school like the big kids.

You remind us sternly that you "are not a baby anymore" if anyone refers to you and your younger brother collectively as "the babies".  Dinosaurs are your favorite thing to talk about, draw and pretend to be.  I am still "Mommy Brachiosaurus" much of the time, and you are "Liam Brachiosaurus".  Sean is "triceratops", and Declan is a "micro raptor".  Not sure what the girls are!

You're a happy, sweet boy with curly blonde hair (hair that you wish was not "yellow and curly") that tells me at least once a day, "Mommy, I love you and my Dad".  Whenever you intercept Daddy's morning phonecall, you assure him that when he gets home you will "give (him) a big hug, and a kiss".

Pure sweetness.  That's what you bring.
Happy Birthday!

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