Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On the Making of Birthday Cakes, and the Ticking off of a Baby

I had lots to do today, so Declan had to stay strapped in his high chair while I baked a birthday cake for his big brother.

When he discovered the cake, he began to swing his legs back and forth in concert, enabling him to scoot himself over to the counter.

He is the fifth of my children to use this chair and the first to move it virtually wherever he wants to go.

Getting closer...

So close!

 He was almost quicker than I was.

I had to get the ganache going, so while I did this:

He did this.

When that got old, I gave him some baking utensils to play with.

I managed to get the crumb-coat on.

Then the final coat.  This was looking even yummier now.  The baby is blurry because he is already racing toward the cake.
 He scooted toward it...

...and again got almost there...

 but this time, his big brother yanked his high chair back.

 He was not happy,

but the birthday boy was very happy indeed.

They can't all be happy at the same time.  It's a fundamental law of parenting.

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