Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's That Time of Year Again

 Next school year's books have all arrived.  Well, all the ones I ordered arrived.  I usually end up forgetting at least one book (usually more than one) for somebody.

Ordering in April for the upcoming year has worked well for me.  In years past I'd wait until summer to order, but by then it was a much bigger job to remember what everybody needed.

As the kids progress through the grades, we are able to re-use materials, so I'm kind of surprised that the stack of boxes is this high.  Part of the reason is that splitting the purchase across various suppliers saves money.  Rainbow had the best price I found for Saxon math.  Adoremus was running a promo, Emmanuel had cheaper prices for some things, and so on.  I was thankful for the ability to keep multiple browser windows open during all of this ordering!

Now to unpack and organize them.

 We still have a few weeks left of school.  Recently, Laurel drew these doodles during a science lesson.  We're currently learning about the circulatory and respiratory systems.

red blood cells

blood cells delivering "help" to an exhausted heart

Blood cells responding to the heart's increased activity
One little cell seems to have collapsed under the stress.

White blood cell attacking a pathogen

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