Monday, April 18, 2011

Note to Self

When finished with your morning couch to 5K routine, it is best to just go ahead and use that ice dispenser in the door.  Your idea of opening the ice compartment to retrieve the ice more quietly so as not to wake sleeping babies? 

Will fail. 

You will drop a dozen ice cubes, which will clatter noisily to the floor, scatter themselves to every remote corner, and then require clean up.

On the bright side--I started week 4 today!  and I'm still alive!  ...and!  ...and!  I didn't have to run outside, which is a veryveryvery good thing because it snowed all morning.  Snowed!  Not just a little snow, either--we got at least 2 inches which I now have to go shovel off of our manymany steps or the mail carrier will leave a note that she couldn't deliver my packages due to unsafe steps.  Which they are, even when not snow-covered.  deep breath

Happy Monday!


Anna said...

All of you people doing the C25K thing, it's wonderful for you, but I thought I had a good group of "I'm not a runner!" friends. ;)

I'm still not a runner. lol

Sleen said...

awwww...if it's any consolation, I don't think of myself as a runner!

Anna said...

Ha! Yes.

I much prefer biking, so it's not like I can't/won't exercise. I just thought there were runners and not runners, and that I wasn't alone on my couch. Pun intended. ;)