Friday, April 8, 2011

At Long Last

Greetings, Internet.  I bet you thought I'd forgotten about you.  Well...I did.  Sort of!
Just been too busy to ever post.  In a year.  Wow.  Lots happened in that time, the best of which is that the baby weaned.  Now I have a little more time to do fun stuff.  Bloggable stuff, even.

The girls and I have instituted "Stamping Tuesdays" and even drew up a list of themes for each week.  We are all loving it.  We are limiting our canvas to postcard size.

I've discovered swap-bot, also.  It's been so much fun to get something other than junk mail and bills in the mailbox!

Here are my submissions for a few recent swaps:

 This was an ATC swap themed "Moms are Special".  That's me (ha ha) with my five kids represented as hearts attached to gold string.
"Spring" ATC
You can't tell, but the fairy's wings are shimmery, thanks to Sparkling H2O's paint.  The background was sponged with a Nerf ball.
Zentangles ATC
I'm very new to this form of drawing, so this one was a challenge for me.  Zentangles are traditionally drawn on 3" x 3" squares, but for this swap we had to make them ATC-sized (2-1/2 x 3-1/2).

 Frog ATC
Did you know that April is National Frog Month?  Me neither!  A frog-loving swapper came up with this theme.
The frogs are dancing to something by Beethoven, if you're curious :D
 ...and another Frog ATC.  This one has a background of torn newspaper. 
 Beginner ATC Swap
This was more work than it might appear.  The music stamp was repeated five times.  I didn't do a great job of lining it up exactly.  When I see this I think how easy it would be to do in PhotoShop.
 Spring ATC
I have a "thing" for chickies!  You can't tell from the photo, but the lower pane includes chicks cut from yellow cardstock and glued to the original image (stamped on white).

The upper pane has the same image stamped onto tracing paper and glued to the ATC. 

 Colors of the Caribbean ATC (make 2)
Painted background, stamped shell with painty dots.  Images cut from magazines and other papery stuff.
 2 of 2
The background was cut from a paint manufacturer's pamphlet.   The words were cut from some scrapbooking paper, and the shell and turtles were stamped.
This was another spring-themed ATC.  We had to use at least one bunny.  When you're assigned a partner on swap-bot, you're given a link to their profile.  Sometimes I can tailor a project to a specific person, as in this one.  My partner's profile listed "vintage images" as a favorite.  This bunny stamp was made from a vintage Easter post card.  The pussy willows on the lower portion are from a paint chip sample.

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