Friday, August 22, 2008

A Trip to the Keweenaw

Last weekend we attended a wedding in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (congratulations Tony and Sara!). Neither Pat nor I had been to the U.P. since our graduation almost 20 years prior, so we decided that since we were "so close" we would take the opportunity to show our kids the old alma mater.

Here is the Houghton-Hancock bridge. This is the coolest bridge! The center section in the position shown allows cars to cross, but it can be lowered to allow trains to pass, or raised to allow tall ships to pass under it.

We had lunch at The Library. We were told that the original building had burned down some years ago. Pat and I used to come here only on rare occasions, and usually not with each other. It was pretty expensive back then (and still is).

Next, the moment I had been waiting for! A visit to the campus. Most of my college classes were held here, the Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (MEEM) building. Unfortunately, we were not able to go inside. I was hoping we'd be able to ride the super-fast elevator with the kids. But, no.

I took a picture of CoEd Hall, in case my old roomie is reading (hey Becky!). When we attended MTU, the ratio of female-to-male students was 1:4. I think it's closer to 1:1 these days.

We left Houghton and headed further north as far as the highway would take us, to Copper Harbor. This trip took us on tree-canopied, winding roads all the way to the tippy top of the peninsula.

On the return-trip we took some shots on Brockway Mountain.

See the thing that looks like a shrub at the bottom of the frame? That's the top-view of a tree! The kids were afraid we would tumble to our death, but the view was spectacular and we were in no danger. It was ironic to hear, "Get away from the edge, you'll kill yourself!" from the children.

At the end of the day Holly snapped this shot of the sun setting over Lake Superior.

Next morning had us packed and out of the hotel and driving ten long hours home. So long, Keweenaw. Hope to see you again in less than 20 years.

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