Thursday, August 14, 2008

Look--an Escarpment!

Those words were uttered numerous times last weekend as we drove past the same escarpment again and again, traveling back and forth across a small section of Ontario. Whenever I heard someone else say the word, I had to repeat it once or twice myself just because it is such a fun word. It is my new favorite word, especially when the "ess" sound is exaggerated: essssscarpment.

Patrick had work stuff to do in Oakville, and the rest of us were allowed to tag along. Any excuse to stay in a hotel works for the kids. Here's Liam ordering room service:

On Sunday we attended Mass at the cathedral, which was just down the road from our hotel. I took this shot from the car as we made our way home on Monday. On Sunday, the weather wasn't nearly that nice.

No, on Sunday the weather was dreadful. That was the day we visited Niagara Falls. Here's a shot of the last of the happy, white, puffy clouds being shoved out of the way to make room for the angry, heavy, storm clouds.

They get angrier:

We bought tickets to go "Behind the Falls". On this close-up encounter with nature, we were provided with bright yellow rain ponchos and encouraged to explore. We were led to a tunnel and were told to watch for various viewing points along the way. The tunnel branched off and opened up to the Falls in several spots. The first two viewing areas we stopped at were lame. Really lame! Nothing at all but mist was visible through the opening. I had trudged through the long, dingy passageway shoulder-to-shoulder with dozens of strangers; my four babies in tow for this?! I was unimpressed. Until the third branch.

At the third branch there was a balcony. And steps. And The Falls up close! It was storming. The wind was whipping and water was flying everywhere. Very cool. The kids got a couple of shots of this part:

I'm glad the baby was sleeping, I think he would've been scared of this part. How is it that babies can sleep through stuff like this? (No, I didn't take him onto the balcony.)

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