Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Painting

The kids had big fun on the patio this afternoon. I hosed down the doorwall, and they painted the windows. The chosen theme was "Fairytale". They did all the of the work (and by "work" I mean all of the art work) while I kept a watchful eye on the curious toddler and snapped a few pictures.

Here's Laurel beginning to paint a princess carriage.

Holly worked on a knight.

Sean's chosen element was the dragon, of course! He decided to make it a "daddy and son" dragon. Lots of fire-breathing going on there. Looks a bit koi-like to me, but what do I know.

Liam sort of wandered around, not sure what to make of the new "stuff" on the patio. Eventually he found one of the tubs of water. That's when the real fun began.

He went inside for a wardrobe change and a nap shortly after the wild splashing began.

Here's the final window mural.

The queen:

The princess and coachman:

And a fairy, for good measure:

If you're into painting, these little numbers are well worth the price. We've had these for six years. I found them at a teacher-supply store. With these, the kids can take the paint container with them to the window, instead of running back and forth to reload their brush. Should a collision occur (and they always do), the likelihood of one or more children becoming covered in paint is much less.

They come with snap on lids so you can save the unused paint for several weeks, too.

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