Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Birthday Party

I've never hosted a birthday party for a boy before. Sean is turning six in a few days, and has requested this year be his first "party year". This means that he gets to invite a bunch of kids over for a cake-eating, pinata-cracking, lemonade-drinking bash.

Long, long ago when our firstborn was this age, we set some ground rules for parties. Here they are:
1) The child may have up to two birthday parties during their school-aged years that are planned, executed, and paid for by his or her parents.
2) The child may invite some number of guests--not to exceed the child's age (some exceptions may apply)
3) The child may not have two such parties on consecutive years.

I've held girl parties for ages 6, 8-1/2, and 12. I'm a little nervous about hosting little boys! It seems that mostly what little boys like to do is have sword fights, dig holes, and wrestle. None of these activities seem particularly suited to a birthday party. At least not the ones I'm familiar with. The girls and I have planned some games, assembled the goody-bag give-aways, and bought loads of candy for the (store-bought, boo hoo) pinata.

Party in 2 Days. Wish me luck.

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