Friday, June 6, 2008

More Dolls

Here's my favorite:

The dolls and their wardrobes have made it to PDF format at long last. Many thanks to the very knowledgeable people on the Elements User's Forum. They are so generous in sharing their skills with newbies like me!

If you want to share the dolls, please link your friends to this post. You may print the items for your own personal, non-commercial use.

You'll find all six of the paper dolls, ready to print, color and cut out here. There are two PDF files for each doll; one for the doll and stand, and one for the clothing. For printing the dolls, I suggest using heavy-weight cardstock (available at any office supply store). For the clothing, text weight is best. Once you're in scribd, click on the drop-down box labeled "iPaper" to print

A couple of notes: The taller dolls will benefit greatly from a narrow strip of cardstock taped or glued to their backs as shown on Julie below. Double-sided tape works great for this.

Also, I recommend cutting notches, rather than slits to attach the doll to the stand. I cut notches on both the doll base and the stand. We could discuss interference fits and geometric tolerances, but really who cares? Just cut some notches like the one circled below:

Here's a picture of the dolls we painted for our homeschool friends. We used brush markers on some; watercolors on others.

Now the song, "We are the World" is playing in my head.

The artist, dolls packed, and ready to go to a tea party!

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my4kidsma said...

I got a link to you from a Delphi Forum. Thank you so much for these dolls! My daughter, Katie (5), and I have been having so much fun with them this morning.

Katie is the youngest of my 4 kids and the only girl. This morning I've been feeling like I've waited for her all my life.

Thank you again. Blessings
Mary Ann