Friday, June 13, 2008

Don't Tell Daddy

...but he'll be getting one of these, and one of these. And a batch of these (made by Holly, 12):

These look a little dry, but he will love them anyway. I'm going to have Holly try this recipe next time.

He's been out on wire-down duty due to storms in the area every night this week, so I'm sure the rest that Father's Day will bring is going to be much appreciated.


Creative Clayer said...

We have that Salt Cellar and LOVE IT! My hubby would be jealous about the TShirt. I may have to order him one next time I'm feeling charitable. :) He really wants Alton's Knife set, but at close to 2grand for the whole set, we're a little ways away from that!

Sleen said...

$2,000?!?! ack!
That would have to be Pat's Father's Day present for the next...oh...200 years or so ;)