Monday, March 24, 2008

3-D Paper Eggs

Most of these were made by my 12yo. She's into all things crafty. Each one of these eggs took about 2 hours to make, but they're so cool! And really, they'll last forever so what's a couple of hours of work compared to forever?

To start, you buy a stamping kit from Some Assembly Required. This company sells the coolest stuff around. You'll be amazed. Anyway, once you have the kit (the eggs shown were made with the Medium Egg Stamp Set) start stamping away. We used 80 lb cardstock and chose an ink color that matched as closely as possible.

The instructions that come with the kit identify each stamp by a letter-number code. I used a sharpie marker to write each stamp's code directly onto the rubber part of each stamp. I marked each stamped image with the corresponding code, too (in pencil). It made assembly so much easier!

Next, the cutting. I won't lie. There's a lot of cutting. I recommend using very sharp pointy scissors and a blade of some sort, too. I use a box-cutter.

Once everything is cut out, the fun really begins. Assembly. This is the stage where you will be so very thankful that you marked each paper piece with its corresponding code. The first two pieces will go together with no problem.

The next twelve will be more difficult.

But the end result will be so worth it!

Look--the last piece acts as a slide-up door. You can add a very small something to the inside of your egg! We haven't tried that yet. The coolest part? The eggs fold flat (see the almost flat yellow one in the background?).

If you're opposed to all of that cutting, SAR offers pre-cut egg kits in several shades of cardstock. They also carry metal dies (instead of rubber stamps) for many of their kits, for use in personal die cutters such as Zip'eMate or Sizzix machines. With any of the options though, the assembly is all up to you.

Photo credits: Laurel (9). Artwork and hand model: Holly (12).

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Diane said...

Wow!!! I am impressed. Surely your children have inherited your talent and your beauty (ie, hand model). I'm also impressed at your cutting. Very persistent, you are. Egg-sactly COOL!