Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Preparations

Since I don't want to give away any of this year's secrets, here are some process-photos of last year's cards.

2011 cards are well underway, thanks to my Laurel-Elf.

Liam (3) helping.  Sort of :)

Piles of cards in various stages of "done"

That's me.  Busy at the dining room table.

Today we cut down a pine and hauled it home.  Lights have been strung and children are busily decorating the tree.  I am taking a photo every 12 minutes, just for fun. 

Here's a sneak-peek at this year's card:
Declan (2) cutting out (or up) sheep.

Here's one of many shots that will not be included with the cards.  Someday I hope to learn to take GOOD photos.  Or at least find a place with great light.  This wasn't it.

 And here's the one we'll probably end up using, unless I can convince them all to sit still for another session (not likely).  I learned to use the color adjustment layers in PhotoShop Elements!  It was way easier than finding Christmasy looking clothes.
My babies!

Happy Third Week of Advent!  Tomorrow the pink candle will be lit at Mass, signifying that we're half-way through the Advent Season of Preparation.  It's always fun to see the priest in his pink robes!

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