Friday, March 12, 2010

Wall Demo

Today at long last, the wall between the dining room and kitchen is down and dust is (mostly) cleared and ready for new paint.  I'm not ready to paint, however.  Too much going on!

There was a cabinet above a roll top desk, which Patrick intends to refurbish and install in one of the kids' rooms.  (Holly gets dibs.)  The carpet in the dining room was torn out the very day we bought the house.  That was also the day we discovered major floor damage due to rain and ants.  I will post about that later.
Patrick had to remove a bunch of electrical wires, plus a phone jack and a light switch.  Our friend did the heavy-duty stuff.

Hardwood floor, new sliding door, cheery light green paint and no wall!  A beam was installed over the opening, but no columns were necessary.

Crown moulding or no crown moulding, that is the current question...and also whether or not to keep the dinette.

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