Friday, December 18, 2009


So much going on here!

We hosted Thanksgiving, though our kitchen is disgusting...bad floor, bad counters, bad decor. Bad, bad, bad. Not that it mattered! The food was good. The company was grand. Liam clung to his 20+ yo cousin that he sees about once/year (so that would be twice in his life) like he was his long-lost friend. So sweet.

Advent. Made a wreath for the first time ever. Sadly, it looks pretty bedraggled at the end of the third week--one more to go. I vacuumed up about 7,486 needles from the wreath alone yesterday! How do people get these to stay green for the full four weeks?

Christmas! If you know me at all, you know THIS is the stuff I get all excited about! Baking gazillions of cookies, making cards, decorating, wrapping gifts and crafting ornaments and goodies of all sorts. Sadly, all of my stamping and sewing supplies are still in their packing boxes. I have been filling the void with baking!

I love how they all seem to have a personality when they're decorated.

Liam was pretty proud of his creation.

The little baby has discovered the joys of bouncing! He is soooo happy in this thing.

Isn't he getting BIG? He's wearing 12mos clothes most of the time, though I will keep him in this 9mo sleeper until it won't stretch any further because it is so soft and cute. Why-oh-why won't Carters make soft, cuddly sleepers in sizes larger than 9mos? I would buy a dozen of them, if only they were available! (Are you listening, Carters?)

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Megan said...

I am SOOOOOO with you on Carters not making "newborn" sleepers past size 9m. My kids have all needed cute footie sleepers in size 12m. Current baby is just now crawling and pulling up at 10-months-old, and some of her 12-month stuff is none-too-big. I would love to have some soft, cute Carter's footie sleepers in size 12m and 18m for her.