Monday, July 6, 2009

Chocolate Sauce FAIL!

Isn't this a sad sight? Positively depressing.

This was an attempt to surprise and reward my children for being such good helpers during a very hectic week. I had five million things to do, and they had all pitched in and did the things I asked, without complaining.

I didn't tell them they'd be rewarded. My original plan was to drive through Wendy's and buy a round of Frosties. But then I thought about how long it takes to get everyone in the car. I contemplated the possibility that the teeny baby might not cooperate in the car (he's very unpredictable!), and decided homemade is the way to go. I was cooking for a party anyway--what was another dirty pan?

Why I reached for, and more importantly used, the saucier instead of the double-boiler, I do not know. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with the string of mostly non-sleeping nights that preceded this day--and all the way back to the day before Declan was born. But no matter. The fact is, I was using the wrong pan. The chocolate burned and there was no saving it.

It pains me to remember.

After doing away with the contents of that pan, I tried again. This time I used the double-boiler and got better results. Nothing spectacular, but it was edible. Clearly, I need more practice. Sorry I didn't take any photos. New baby in the house = Mom's not herself. I'm happy to report that the sundaes were devoured with great zeal. No pictures of that either. I'll get better. I'm sure I will. Pretty sure, anyway.

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