Wednesday, June 3, 2009

He's Here!

Surprise! Baby #5 decided to show up early. This is a first for our family. Holly was 8 days late, Laurel 10 days late, and Sean a whopping 15 days late. Liam was induced (so that doesn't count) to prevent going past dates. Never did I expect to deliver early! It took many hours of labor before I was convinced I'd be actually having a baby that day. I'm sure the nurse thought I was nuts. Whenever she'd mention giving birth, I'd squeal, "Today? I'm having a baby today!"

Declan Joseph arrived ten days early weighing 9# 5oz. It was a grueling labor--15 hours--but well worth it, of course!

Anyway, here he is! Beautiful and healthy.

Liam makes a fine big brother and asks "Baby kiss?" 10,000 times a day--and then plants a big old smooch smack onto Declan's face. So far, baby brother is taking it all in stride.

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