Monday, May 11, 2009

Name Popularity

This website shows the popularity of names.

From the site: "Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth. Name data are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States."

Of the top 1000 names, here's how ours stacked up:
Holly 365 (2008), 126 (birth year)
Laurel 985 (2008), 566 (birth year)
Sean 83 (2008), 59 (birth year)
Liam 75 (2008), 89 (birth year)
Declan 347 (2008)
Celine 995 (2008)
Patrick 127 (2008)

I'm surprised that "Declan" is a more popular name than "Holly"!

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Anonymous said...

What is surprising is looking at your names or your kids names and seeing a few that are just a bit more popular. Usually there are a couple that are rather odd. Like Sasha, Penelope, Essence, Karsyn, Brayan, Preston, Hayden or Wyatt.