Friday, March 27, 2009

I have a blog?

We're 30 weeks into this pregnancy today--woot! I'm huge--huge I tell you! So far it's been a blissfully healthy pregnancy with no major problems. ...unless you count reflux that can be fixed by (exorbitantly priced) meds which the insurance company won't cover. Humph!

In other news: Patrick had been scouring online sites for bigger homes almost ever since we discovered that #5 was on the way. The debate had been "remodel or buy" and "buy" won out. Contractors are expecting to be paid around $100/sf, judging by the six different estimates we procured. That seems too high for us, especially considering the noise, the mess, and the fact that we still wouldn't have a backyard to speak of when it was all finished.

We've spent the last many weekends touring homes for sale. Up the stairs, down the stairs...many were tri-levels or even quad-levels. It was exhausting (did I mention how huge I am?). Most times, we'd return to our own house happy to have it and try to think of ways we could squeeze one more resident in. He'd start out tiny after all!

Then it happened. We found The House we thought was meant for us. We bid. We prayed. We toured the inside twice, and drove past a dozen times. We hoped--but someone else got it. Rats! Double-rats! I didn't want to look further. Too stressful.

Patrick is not so easily daunted, however, and last weekend we found another great house. It is better in many ways even than the previous one. We bid again, and we're praying more. If this one isn't it, I really am done looking. This baby is going to be here in ten weeks; I don't have time to look further.

I'll save the details until later...wouldn't want to jinx anything ;)

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Anna said...

I'm so glad things are moving along swiftly without trouble.
I live in a five level, and I generally like it. I haven't liked the extra bedrooms being too far away, with the kids this age. And I'm a little worried about recovery after baby is born.