Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Carnage was Frightful

Today is not starting out well. Yesterday the girls and I laid the foundation for 300+ turtles. This morning 2/3 of them wound up on the floor. Stinking gravity! The sound of the baking sheets crashing to the floor woke everyone up--fabulous. Below is a portion of the dead turtles. Aren't they sad?

My camera refused to give up its photos this morning. Switching to a different computer worked eventually, but what should have been a 2-minute process took about 30. I don't have 30 minutes to spare until Christmas! ack!!!

Shopping isn't done.

Baking isn't done.

Card-making isn't done.

It's going to be a very, very busy day. I hope the kids decide to cooperate. If they don't, they're all getting tossed into the nearest snowbank.

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