Monday, September 29, 2008

Aesop Retold

One of the skills my first-grader is working on this year is the ability to re-tell a story. We're beginning with Aesop's fables.

Last week he heard the fable of the Fox and the Crow. This morning he dictated the following:
(I so love his "moral" at the end.)

A crow finds some cheese and wants to feed it to her babies and a fox walks by and thinks, “I want that cheese.” The fox tries to make the crow drop the cheese. He says, “My you look very beautiful today.” The crow did not reply. The fox tried again. He said, “The rabbits say you have a lovely voice, but I’m not sure that that is true. I can’t be sure until I hear you sing a little song.”

The crow did not sing. The fox said, “Please? Just one teeny, tiny little song?” The crow decided to sing a little song. As she sang, the cheese went “Plop!” out of her mouth and onto the ground. The fox ran to the cheese and gobbled it all up.

Moral of the story: Keep your mouth shut.

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