Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy One!

Liam turned one a few days ago. Here he is staring at his birthday carrot muffin. He had no clue about blowing out the candle, but he was very interested in it.

We had to celebrate a day late due to the girls' dance competition. He spent his actual birthday holed up in a high school auditorium watching dance routine after dance routine--about 150 total. That is a lot of acts. That is so many acts that I just may have burned out on the whole dance competition scene after only their first year of participating.

Back to Liam! He's a cruiser now. I think he'll be walking any day. If he can take a step or two before September he'll come in third place for "earliest walker".

Liam loves music. When I'm holding him and any sort of music is playing, he bounces and sways so much that I fear he'll dance himself right out of my arms and onto the floor.

I can't believe it's been a whole year since he was born.

He's gone from this: To this:

Happy Birthday, Sweetie Pie!

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Creative Clayer said...

Ok, so I'm two weeks late, but Happy Birthday! He looks like a baby doll in the first picture! How adorable!